Lending a Helping Hand to Local Women in Need

We stop at nothing to lend a hand when it comes to helping our community and our neighbors. When the opportunity to work with Elizabeth’s Village came up, we immediately jumped on it. Elizabeth’s Village opened in 2013 and is a center for transitional housing and support services for women and children. The organization helps women become self-sufficient and reach long term goals while also assisting them with financial literacy, time management and more.

Our partnership with the organization started when Mara Maybry, AVP, commercial lender, joined Blue Grass Federal in November 2021. Mara is the current board president for Elizabeth’s Village and has been involved with the organization for over 10 years.

“I met Elizabeth’s Village executive director when I moved back to Kentucky and I’ve been getting more and more involved over the years,” she said. “Elizabeth’s Village depends on the community to do projects for them and to donate their time and services. Everyone involved truly believes in the organization’s mission and we consistently try to find solutions when needs arise.”

We didn’t just stop there. We’re proud to be one of the sponsors of their eighth annual fundraiser, where attendees will have a chance to support a live auction, network and more. We’re also proud to have helped the organization close on the purchase of Scott County, Kentucky’s first domestic violence shelter.

“Ladies who have emergencies currently have to go to other counties and take their kids out of schools,” Mara said. “It’s important to have a domestic violence shelter in Scott County so they know they’re loved and taken care of here.”

We can’t wait to see how Elizabeth’s Village prospers in the future thanks to the help from our community members.

There are many ways to help. Visit Elizabeth’s Village for different ways to volunteer, donate, become a community partner and more. Be sure to follow us on FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram for updates on future happenings at Elizabeth’s Village and other community events.